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Crispy Bacon is a fast-growing digital agency expert in web & app development, UX & UI design, and cloud computing.

Intesa Sanpaolo the #1 banking group in Italy, it's rated among the three best digital banks in Europe and its mobile app is used by ~3M people.


  • Crispy Bacon Ambassador
  • UX concepts & prototypes for Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Bridge between technical team & business unit


During my multi-year collaboration with Crispy Bacon, I had the chance to work on many great projects.

Without doubt, XME Pay is the most relevant: a "simple" mission to help Intesa Sanpaolo's team to design and create their solution for mobile payments through multiple technologies.

A special task force, made by 30+ people from different departments plus me, was assembled for the project. As a team, we worked together for six months, through the entire lifecycle of the product: from concept to realization.

My primary duties were to facilitate the in-house UX Designer leading the group in brainstormings & discussions, to create prototypes in line with corporate guidelines, and supervise HIGs (Human Interface Guidelines) during software development.

Notably, my expertise was particularly helpful in easing conversations between the technical team and the business unit.

The result is a solution that securely groups different payment methods (offline & online), and collaterally offers complementary services like personal IDs and loyalty cards collection, a chat-like way to transfer money between users, and geolocalized coupons & discounts by selected partners.