Meet the Company

Uniwhere's mission is to create the missing link between education and the job market.

Born as a smart mobile app to manage your University on the go, nowadays, Uniwhere leverages AI to help ~350K students discover, understand, and choose their future careers.


  • Brand Identity redesign & creation of a Design System
  • App UX analysis, design & prototyping post-rebranding
  • Side projects web concept, design & development

The Job

2018 was approaching, and Uniwhere had a new goal: takes its branding, design, and the very process of design to the next level.

When Federico, one of the founders and long-time friend of mine, asked me to help them, I was pumped and ready to go.


After researching through emotions, moods, and mood boards, following many versions, iterations, and feedback, a new identity was born. And with it, a shiny Design System that empowers Uniwhere's team to design rapidly and efficiently.

Uniwhere Design System

The next reasonable step was to analyze, improve, and prototype the new User Experience for the app, and while doing so, test and improve the new Design System in a real use case.

App User Experience

After this incredible project, the collaboration continued and is still going strong as today.

Nowadays I advise Uniwhere on User Experience, give my 2 cents on the product roadmap, and help them design & build their web side projects like Places (a content marketing blog), Uniwhere Academy (the new home for scholarship) and Uniwhere's resume builder.

Places & Accademy

The Process

  1. Analyze the present
  2. Define the future
  3. Refine the goals
  4. Gather ideas & inspirations
  5. Draft the designs
  6. Ask for feedback
  7. Iterate
  8. Test the results
  9. Perfect the output
  10. Bring it to the market